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Hi, I’m Matt! Since graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2011, I have dedicated my career to optimizing media for individual and corporate clients. I’m a marketer, educator, and skiing enthusiast. Take a look at my resume here:

Over the past decade, I have worked for major tech companies (Microsoft and Google, among others) helping small to medium-sized businesses optimize and understand Google Ads, analytics, and other aspects of the digital advertising ecosystem. I have also taught marketing at the University of New Orleans and am always creating new curriculum modules for students and clients alike.

At Google’s Chicago office, I ran million-dollar accounts for General Mills, Nissan, State Farm, Mars, Starbucks, William Sonoma, Tyson, Chick Fil A, GoDaddy, Freeform, Kohls, and Whirlpool. Of course, I’m capable of scaling our work to fit your needs.

During the pandemic, I returned to the place where I grew up, North Dakota, to be near family and friends and to serve the community that I call home. I was born and raised in Fargo, and my knowledge of the people and culture of the area allows me to customize my work for the people and businesses that I know best.

When I’m not working to build my company, I enjoy my other passions, which are skiing, traveling, hiking, and being at the lake.

I would love to have a conversation.  Please reach out.



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